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how long will I be with you?
as long as the sea is bound to
wash upon the sand


You don’t think you deserve to be saved…

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so in case you guys weren’t following my tears and agony for the last few hours I now have a poll on my blog lol so you guys should go check that out ♥

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Poll Daddy pop up poll tutorial


First, add all the options you want


then to get the code click on the slider popup poll and copy the code


when you’re on your blog and you click on edit theme, paste the code at the bottom of the description box.


that should work for you! (p.s. i did not pick the pink to match my theme, it just happned i swear to chuck)



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bootyliciousdean:   make sure it's the slider code

now it’s not showing up at all

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feistymeg:   ah yes, you need to put it after </style></head><body> which is usually near the end of the code :)

when I do that this happens

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wehdigo:   i believe the code goes under <body> but if you want to put it in a popup or updates tab or just bam on your blog, i'd be totally willing to help out, just let me know

I want it like in the bottom right corner like I’ve seen people do but I don’t know how to do that

when I put the code under body it sits in the top left corner under my updates tab :(((((((

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feistymeg:   so i don't know if you still need to know how to put a poll on your blog but if you go to polldaddy(.)com and sign up it will give you the coding you need when you finish making your poll!

yeah that’s what I did but I don’t know where to put the html code in my html itself

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wehdigo replied to your post: guys please I just want to know how to…

if you make a poll on polldaddy, it gives you a javascript code that you can add to your html and it also gives you a link if you want to send people there instead uwu


I got that far I just don’t know where to put it in my html

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guys please I just want to know how to put a poll on my blog that’s all I’m asking here I know some of you know how to do it

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"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you’re nothing.

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Anonymous:   Sorry I can't help (I would if I could), but if you do find out how to put a poll on your blog, would you mind sharing? (I kinda want to know how too, and every time I try, it never works. but i hope you find out soon :))

ugh you and me both

yes I’ll definitely post it for you, anon!! ♥

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friends how do you put a poll on your blog

guys please

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"They were never, in fact, homeless.”

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